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The Mirror of Life – The Prying Mirror Reveals All
by Richard K. Singh

Author Richard K. Singh Unveils an Intuitive and Engrossing Satirical Narrative in New Book. ‘The Mirror of Life’ is a socially relevant volume that challenges the contemporary social issues, in a sardonic, humorous way.

Author Richard K. Singh carefully weaves a highly engaging and equally interesting book that reveals and exposes the comic, ludicrous and pretentious lifestyles lived by humans in various universal, social settings in The Mirror of Life. This volume is a satirical attempt at ridiculing the numerous norms defining today’s society and recounts incidents in an anecdotal way in universal settings.

As humans, we live our entire lives as performers on the world’s stage, exhibiting behavior, which portray us in a variety of characters and emotions. The different emotions which we reflect are the outcome of our interaction with the people we encounter in this lifetime and the environment we share.

We direct and stage manage our performances, which can be box office hits or colossal flops. We personally determine the success or failure of our performances. In some instances, we perform so well that the spectators and audience are unanimous in demanding an encore presentation, which can be accompanied by a standing ovation.

These are the candid, unrehearsed and spontaneous images we freely and unhesitatingly allow the Mirror of Life to store in its memory bank. As humans, we possess the capacity to enhance and refine our images, as we live out our human existence. Yet the converse can equally apply.

The images of the latter blend and merge to reflect a diabolical, distorted and unidentifiable picture….a blur of what started as a well-defined face of humanity. The Mirror of Life provided a blank canvas, allowing each one of us an equal opportunity to produce a master piece. Some exploited this opportunity, while others forfeited it. Thus we determined the success or failure of our performances, earning applause or ridicule.

The Mirror of Life will be the constant, faithful companion, recording and reflecting both the serious and humorous performances of man in natural, universal settings. The author will attempt to steady the mirror in an effort to avoid distorting the images and capturing actions in real time, both past and present.

This book will endeavor to present these authentic and real- life performances, in a light-hearted, satirical way. Being able to laugh at ourselves and allowing others to enjoy our antics, while attempting to correct or rectify our images, defines our humanness and our resilience to life’s challenges.